Language And Cultural Training

Forget about those conventional ways of learning language, learn with us and you will never be bored!

You can experience fun, highly interactive language & cultural training and at the same time learn Indonesian more effectively. 

If you'd like to further enhance your learning, we offer language immersion program to Indonesia at the end of your language course, where you will get a chance to experience the rich Indonesian culture.

Our course materials are specially designed systematically in such a way to enable effective and conducive learning.

We provide corporate training (in groups) and individual training (one-to-one).

Group Courses Available For Public:

1. Beginners Conversational Bahasa Indonesia (18 hours)
2. Intermediate I Bahasa Indonesia (18 hours)
3. Intermediate II Bahasa Indonesia (18 hours)
4. Advanced Bahasa Indonesia (18 hours)

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Private Training Available (in 1:1 or group setting):

1. Corporate Training (24 hours)
2. Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes 
    *Requirements: student must complete at least Beginners stage
3. Survival Bahasa Indonesia (24 hours)
     Learn practical conversational Indonesian within 1-2 months.


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