We accept all types of translations; from books, business reports, manuals to recipe. 
Our translators are native-speaker full-time professionals with at least 5 years of translation experience. 

We offer FREE proofreading before delivery to ensure high-quality translation.

We can translate to and from these languages:
Ø       English to  Indonesian
Ø       Indonesian to  English
Ø       German  to Indonesian
Ø       French to Indonesian
Ø       Malay to Indonesian
Ø       Chinese to Indonesian 
Contact us if you can't find your language pair(s) on our list!

 Our rate vary depending on:
Ø       Volume - discount for high-volume, on-going, regular translation works
Ø       Turnaround - express (within 1 day) or normal
Ø       Topics - general or technical

Daily capacity : 2500 - 3000 words per translator

Standard rate for general text : SGD 0.12-0.14/source word

Standard rate for certificate translation : SGD 65/page (certified at company level, recognized by ICA and other government agencies)

Minimum charge for each transaction : SGD 50

Contact us or call us at 68389011 today to discuss your requirements!